Michigan Electrical Contractors Association (MECA) is a non-profit organization established in 1953 to promote safety, social, educational and business relationships between electrical contractors, their employees and others working in the electrical industry.

MECA offers its members many valuable benefits:

  • Monthly Dinner Meetings featuring professional speakers relating to our industry
  • Opportunities to network with electrical suppliers, manufacturers, fellow electrical contractors and representatives from Edison
  • Educational Seminars and Field Trips
  • Code Update Classes
  • Business Strategy Training Seminars (Lien Laws, Taxes, Benefits)
  • Electrical Training Seminars
  • Medical Training Classes (CPR, First Aid, Electrocution, etc.)
  • Trade Shows
  • Member Events: Boat Cruise
  • Membership Directory
  • Affiliation with other organizations:

Distracted Driving Initiative from Federated Insurance


Federated Insurance is offering a new Distracted Driving initiative, targeted to the public. The initiative consists of condensed training for companies along with a powerful five-minute video. Similar training was done a few years and they noted a significant dip in claims.   As claims are on the rise again, they feel it is due to phones/smart phones so they are putting the training out there again.

Those who are already insured through Federated should already have the packets or will be getting them soon. Training includes employer steps to limit Distracted Driving due to phone use. The first step is to adopt a Distracted Driving policy for employees. Federated Insurances offers a sample policy you can tailor to your use.

Employers can also hold a safety meeting, which Federated has already put together for you and included in the packet. The meeting materials include an outline, video, handouts and quiz. It is a simple, 10-minute meeting, have employees sign the policy and you are showing, if an accident happens, that you have taken proactive steps to avoid a situation like this. This can limit liability from multi-million dollar lawsuit to couple hundred thousand dollar lawsuit.


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City of Detroit Electrical Permit Revision Notice

Detroit BSEE Logo 092815

Please be advised:

Effective immediately per the Deputy Director, Mr. David Bell, the 2014 Michigan Part 8 Rules Sec. 80.21 will be enforced in regard to Electrical Permit Items A5, A7, and C2 containing the following amendment in the permit process when obtaining an electrical permit:

When a commercial project is more than 3500 square feet, and the service and/or panel boards are over 400 amps, an Electrical Plan Review is required BEFORE the electrical permit can be obtained.

Also, an amendment to Part E of the electrical permit application process is as follows:

For the entire Part E section of the Electrical Permit Application-an Electrical Plan Review is required BEFORE the electrical permit can be obtained.(See 2014 Michigan Part 8 Rules Sec. 80.21 Re: Unusual Design)

For further questions, or concerns regarding this change please contact Mr. Bell's office at(313) 224-3250 or via email at BellD@detroitmi.gov

Thank you.

Tips and Information From Federated Insurance

Disabilty Insurance – This is the most important of the three documents we are sharing today.  So many of your members are still active in the field and rely on their ability to work to keep their business going, and more importantly, keep their household going.  Disability insurance is the most important insurance that I often see business owners going without, primarily because they’re seldom made aware of what’s out there.  I’ll never understand why some choose to insure their $40,000 truck, but pass on the option to insure their income for the next 10, 20, or 30 years.

Why did my WC mod go up - The state of Michigan has changed the way that they calculate your WC mod over the past few years.  Anyone that has employees needs to take a look at this and understand how these changes can affect your WC premium.

Documenting Hours - While not as important as the other two in my mind, this is still good knowledge to have in case you ever find your books audited.

Please review these documents and post any comments or questions you have on them.